How to cancel Mail Forwarding

    You can cancel Mail Forwarding online whether you purchased it online or at a post office. All you need is:

    • The reference number from the confirmation email we sent when you placed your order, or on the Service Summary printout from the post office.
    • The password you created when you bought the service online. If you provided your email when you bought Mail Forwarding at the post office, you can get a temporary password.

    If you cancel before your service start date, your credit card will automatically be refunded (online purchase only). No refunds will be provided once your service has started.

    Cancel Mail Forwarding online.

    Cancelling when no email was provided at the post office

    If you purchased your service at the post office and did not provide an email address, you can cancel Mail Forwarding at a post office, or by phone. If you cancel before the start date, a refund will be issued in cash, by credit card (post office request), or by cheque (phone request). No refunds will be provided once your service has started.

    To cancel at the post office

    Bring your government-issued ID to your local post office, along with one of the following:

    • Receipt or Service Summary printout from your order.
    • Service expiry notification card or letter.
    • A piece of mail that has been forwarded to your new address.

    To cancel by phone

    Please contact us and have your service reference number handy (found on your order receipt or Service Summary printout).