How to design your mail for machine processing

    Save on postage when you design Canada Post Personalized Mail for machine processing.

    When your Standard Canada Post Personalized Mail™ mail items can be processed by our sorting machines it improves our efficiency so that we can offer you a better postage rate.

    Design specifications

    Start by following the design requirements in the Machineable Mail Guide.

    Design tool and support

    • Design creative and machine-friendly mailings using the templates and tips in the Machineable Mail Advisor, a self-serve online resource centre.
    • Test before you print. Reduce the risk of surcharges with a free Canada Post assessment that checks if your mail is machine-friendly enough for the best rates. Contact a Commercial Service Network Representative at 1-866-757-5480.
    • A Statement of Accuracy (SOA) is required for all presort and machineable mailings greater than 5,000 pieces. Approved Canada Post address validation software must be used to validate your addresses.