Find suppliers of address validation products and services

    Canada Post recognizes the address validation and correction software of a number of vendors who supply products and services to clean address databases and confirm address validity. When you work with a recognized vendor, you can feel confident that they are able to check and correct your address list according to Canada Post address validation requirements.

    How does a vendor get recognized?

    Through our Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP), we evaluate vendors’ address validation and correction software based on their ability to process a batch of addresses and identify:

    • Addresses that are valid.
    • Addresses that are invalid, but can be fixed.
    • Addresses that are invalid and cannot be fixed.

    SERP vendors must also be able to produce a statement of accuracy, showing an accuracy score for the batch they processed. The statement of accuracy and its score are used when placing an order for Incentive Lettermail, Personalized Mail™ (Addressed Admail™) or Publications Mail.

    Once a software vendor passes our evaluation, they license our address data for use within their software.

    Why clean my address list?

    Using Canada Post Data Management Services or a recognized vendor to clean your address database before sending a mailing will improve address quality and reduce undeliverable mail.

    • Save money and improve your return on investment by reducing undeliverable mail.
    • Receive the best postage rates when your address validation score is 95% or better.

    View address accuracy recognized software vendors.

    Address accuracy recognized software vendors — 2023

    Software name Platforms Company Contact Service bureau

    Acxiom Canada Address Hygiene


    Acxiom Corporation

    Mitchell Cargill



    Mainframe, Unix, Windows

    InfoRoute Inc

    George Alderson
    (905) 338-0375 ext. 108



    Windows XP, Linux, Solaris SPARC, AIX, HP Unix

    Informatica LLC

    Brett Laughton



    Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX

    Melissa Data

    Rick Brusca
    (800) 635-4772 ext. 1139


    Address Manager Batch

    SAP WebAS 6.20, SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.0

    DynPro Group Inc.

    Sterling Bown
    (613) 883-2696


    BCC Architect


    BCC Software, LLC

    (800) 337-0442


    CODE-1 Plus Canada

    Windows, Unix, Linux, Mainframe, IBM i


    Sales &  Marketing

  Canadian Correction 


    Interact Direct Marketing Inc.

    (800) 454-0223



    Windows, Linux/Unix

    Experian Limited

    Sales contact
    (888) 727-8822


    Data Management Platform

    AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

    SAS Institute Inc.

    Brent Jackson
    (919) 447-3000


    Ataccama Data Quality Center

    Windows, Linux, Unix, Virtualized environments

    Ataccama Corp.

    Afshin Lotfi
    (905) 881-3066


    Dr. Q

    MVS (OS390;Z/OS)

    Prism Data Services Ltd

    David R. Quinn
    (905) 278-5556


    Dr. Q X-Sys

    Windows, Unix, Linux

    Prism Data Services Ltd

    David R. Quinn
    (905) 278-5556


    frameworks Canada

    Microsoft Windows

    Datatech SmartSoft Software Inc.

    Cory Casler
    (888) 227-7221



    SOC 2 Compliant: Cloud, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AS400, Linux, Java, .NET

    Flagship Software Ltd

    Kristi Kanitz
    (416) 410-6357
    (866) 672-0007


    Infocode Pro


    V.V.C. Technologies Inc

    Louise Leblanc
    (514) 257-9745


    JSI Address Correction


    JSI Data Systems Ltd

    David Etmanskie
    (613) 727-9353


    Loqate Engine

    Windows, Linus, HP-UX, AIX, Soloris, System Z, MacOS X

    Loqate Inc.

    Geoff Roach
    (650) 273-5603



    Windows, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, AIX, MVS, z/OS, AS/400

    Nova Marketing Group Inc

    Zelko Odorcic
    (416) 878-0734


    nCode DataStage Connector

    Linux, AIX, Windows

    Nova Marketing Group Inc

    Zelko Odorcic
    (416) 878-0734



    Windows 2000 or later

    Environics Analytics

    Luke Foran
    (647) 800 -1429


    QAS Batch

    Windows, Linux/Unix

    Experian Limited

    Sales contact
    (888) 727-8822


    SAP Data Services SAP Data Quality Management 

    Unix, Linux, Windows

    SAP SE

    Information Center
    (866) 951-2707




    Prism Data Services Ltd

    David R. Quinn
    (905) 278-5556



    Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX

    Postmedia Network Inc.

    Ken Kantorowitz
    (416) 947-3176



    All Windows Versions

    Pitney Bowes of Canada Ltd

    Ross McKenzie
    (905) 219-3196


    Trillium Quality

    SunOS/AIX/HP-UX/ Linux/Windows,Zos


    Sales and Marketing


    Universal Addressing Module

    Windows, Unix (SUN, AIX, HP-UX), Linux (RedHat, SuSe)


    Sales &  Marketing



    Canada Post recognizes, but does not warrant, address validation and correction software on this list. These packages were evaluated by the Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) using the criteria established by Canada Post as of August 2013. They will be considered valid until January 2024.

    The program does not evaluate any subjective criteria such as speed of operation, user friendliness or customer support. This List of Recognized Software details the software packages that have met or exceeded the requirements of SERP. Address Validation and Correction Software must properly categorize addresses as valid or invalid in 98% of the cases, reject 99% of the “non-correctable” addresses and correct 99% of the “correctable” addresses correctly. Software evaluation is limited to specific testing which evaluates the software’s ability to identify or produce accurate address information but not involve any testing or evaluation of any of the additional features or functions that a developer may have incorporated into its software.

    The platform information shown on this List of Recognized Software has been supplied by the licensors. The platform information has not been verified by Canada Post. The names of the software packages shown on this List of Recognized Software have been supplied by the licensors. The fact that a software package has been listed in the List of Recognized Software shall not be deemed to be an admission on the part of Canada Post respecting the validity or the registerability, as a trademark, of the name given to that software package by the licensor.