How to reduce the amount of advertising mail you receive

    What is Canada Post’s name and address database?

    We help businesses send their customers promotional offers through the mail by providing address lists that may contain consumer and business names. These lists start with our postal code based address information and are expanded with information from publicly available telephone directories, consent-based consumer surveys, and our operational data to improve address accuracy. We also use statistical postal code level data provided by government departments and/or private-sector data aggregators. These sources do not give us access to any personally identifiable information. This information is made available to businesses to geographically target their advertising mail.

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    What is addressed and unaddressed advertising mail?

    Addressed advertising mail is used by businesses to advertise to an address, with or without a name. Addressed advertising mail delivered by Canada Post may use data and lists provided by Canada Post or it may use lists from specific businesses, charities or third-party mailing lists.

    Unaddressed advertising mail delivered by Canada Post allows businesses to access the mailboxes of all Canadians residing within a specific neighbourhood, region or across the country.

    How can I remove my name from the database and stop receiving addressed advertising mail?

    To stop receiving addressed advertising mail that uses Canada Post mailing lists, you can complete and submit our online form or phone us at: 1-800-267-1177

    Please note:

    • Removing your name will only apply to your current address. For a new address, you will have to re-submit the form or email us again.
    • It may take up to 10 business days to take effect, and for campaigns that have already started you may receive addressed advertising mail up to 90 days after you have requested removal.
    • You cannot remove your name and address from the database that Canada Post uses to deliver regular mail.

    How can I stop receiving unaddressed advertising mail?

    Canada Post’s Consumers’ Choice program gives you the option to stop receiving unaddressed advertising mail. Simply put a note on your mailbox stating that you do not wish to receive it. Place the note where your delivery agent can see it, or on the inside lip of your community mailbox, group mailbox or postal box.

    You will no longer receive unaddressed advertising mail, including flyers, menus, coupons, catalogues and offers delivered by Canada Post. You will continue to receive unaddressed items such as community newspapers, mailings from governments and band councils, materials related to elections, and addressed mail including advertising.

    Learn more about the Consumers’ Choice program

    How do I remove myself from other business mailing lists?

    To remove your name and address from specific business mailing lists, you can notify the individual organizations that you no longer wish to receive advertising mail from and ask to be removed from their lists.

    You can also ask the following organizations to remove your name and address from their mailing lists. Businesses who belong to these organizations are committed to ensuring that they do not mail consumers who have asked to not be on these lists.