Why hasn't my letter been delivered?

We understand that your mail is important to you, and we work hard to make sure it arrives as soon as possible. If your letter is delayed, here are some steps you can take.

If your letter has a tracking number

Track your item to see the latest information on its location and status. If you are still concerned, learn what to do when your item hasn’t arrived.

If your letter doesn’t have a tracking number

  • Check mail delivery standards Mail delivery standards vary depending on distance. Standards are not guaranteed and may be affected by holidays and seasonal volume, but you can generally expect delivery within the following time frames. Note that most delayed letters arrive within 5 business days of their usual delivery standards.
    • 2 business days for your local area
    • 3 business days within your province
    • 4 business days across Canada
    • Up to 7 business days internationally
  • Make sure the item was addressed correctly Reach out to the sender and confirm they used the correct address.
  • Check for service delays and disruptions Check our delivery service alerts, as mail might occasionally be delayed due to disruptions from weather conditions or international issues.

Send us feedback

If your letter doesn’t have a tracking number and is delayed beyond 5 days of the usual delivery standards (noted above), you can send us feedback through the support ticket below.

Please note that individual letters without tracking numbers cannot be investigated, but we’ll use your feedback to learn where to improve our delivery system. Feedback will not receive a direct response.

Open a support ticket