Supplier Account: what you need to know

    Supplier Account is a new way for meter customers to pay for parcel shipments with Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or other approved supplier shipping platforms. It removes the need for meter impressions on parcels and is part of our commitment to bring products and services online.

    Take advantage of these benefits using Supplier Account:

    • Continue to leverage your meter supplier relationship, support and benefits.
    • Track your parcels with standard shipping labels.
    • Receive transaction-level data for parcels on your supplier statement.
    • Access Solutions for Small Business discounts, if applicable.

    Below are the shipping applications with Supplier Account method of payment.

    Shipping Applications with Supplier Account
    Supplier Account Providers Canada Post Electronic Shipping Tools (EST Online) Provider/Vendor Application
    Francotyp Postalia Available

    Get detailed instructions on how to access Supplier Account within EST Online
    Available – MailOne
    Neopost Not available Available – Neoship

    Get detailed instructions on how to set up Supplier Account in NeoShip
    Pitney Bowes Available

    Get detailed instructions on how to access Supplier Account within EST Online
    Available – SendPro

    Get detailed instructions on how to set up Supplier Account in SendPro

    Changes for electronic parcel shippers

    Supplier Account is now available as a method of payment in EST. We encourage you to transition to Supplier Account as soon as possible. Meter as a payment method for parcels was removed from EST on July 1, 2016.

    If you use a customized version of Express Order Entry from your company’s intranet, the option to pay by meter has been removed from your application. Please visit your application website for payment options available through your Express Order Entry shipping tool.

    Changes and options for manual shippers

    Meter impressions on manual parcels orders were discontinued on January 11, 2016. However, if you still have a supply of older manual order documents (manifests and bills of lading) with the checkbox “Paid by meter”, you can continue to use the documents and apply meter impressions until March 31, 2017.

    We encourage you to transition to electronic shipping. Read about our shipping tools and their benefits. If you wish to continue to ship manually, you have 2 options:

    • Bring your parcels to any post office and pay by cash, debit or credit card.
    • Apply for approval to pay by Canada Post account and select “pay by account” on your manual shipping documents. This option is only for commercial customers with a parcels contract. Solutions for Small Business members are not eligible to pay by account. How to become a commercial customer.

    No changes to mailing and direct marketing services

    For mail and direct marketing services, you can continue to apply meter impressions and to use meter as a method of payment in EST and on your statement of mailing.

    How to get started with Supplier Account

    1. If you use EST, your meter supplier will provide a Canada Post customer number (if you don’t already have one) and a Supplier Account number. If you have not received these, contact your meter supplier.
    2. Pay for parcel shipments in EST or an approved supplier shipping platform using Supplier Account. You’ll need the Supplier Account number and Canada Post customer number your meter supplier provided. Use your Supplier Account number directly within our shipping tools or add it to your online Canada Post profile.
    3. Create shipping labels using our shipping tools or approved supplier shipping platforms. Within the tool, you’ll have the option to pay by Supplier Account. This means that payment for your shipment will be made by accessing the funds from the same account you use to fill your postage meter.
    4. Print barcoded Canada Post shipping labels and apply them to your parcel. There’s no need to apply a meter impression when using Supplier Account.

    Electronic shipping choices

    Try one of our shipping tools. When you ship electronically you can automatically access your Canada Post discounts, send tracking numbers and delivery updates to customers and store and manage your contacts.

    • EST Desktop 2.0 – Desktop software for medium to large businesses who ship high volumes. Automate processes, import order data and print shipping labels on a thermal or laser printer.
    • EST Online – For customers with low to medium volume shipments. Prepare shipping labels online and print using a laser printer.
    • Express Order Entry – A simple one-screen online tool to prepare single shipments within Canada and print labels on a laser printer.
    • Meter vendor shipping application - Leverage the meter vendor's application that is connected to Canada Post to access your Solution for Small Business or contract rates.

    Get detailed instructions on how to access Supplier Account within EST.

    For help with shipping electronically, see our shipping tools.

    Supplier account support

    For support using Supplier Account, such as payment authorization, invoicing, Supplier Account numbers and how to use your supplier’s shipping platform, contact your meter supplier directly. Current suppliers are Francotyp, Neopost, and Pitney Bowes.

    General shipping support

    For general shipping inquiries, please consult the Parcel Services Customer Guide.