My Mailbox beta Terms and Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of Canada Post’s My Mailbox Beta.

    Please read them carefully.

    1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to participate in Canada Post’s My Mailbox Beta (“Beta”) for its full duration, unless you choose to opt out. Following your participation in the Beta, you may have the opportunity to continue using My Mailbox once it is integrated into the Canada Post application and you may be required to agree to updated Terms and Conditions. Instructions in this regard will be provided.
    1. Canada Post is exploring a new online service that notifies you of the mail that’s on route to your household mailbox. This includes letters and addressed advertising mail processed by our automated mail sorting equipment. This is a secure and convenient way of keeping track of mail delivered by Canada Post. This service also allows you to opt-in to receive push and or email notifications alerting you that a new mail update is available. You may opt-out of the email and push notifications at any time within your settings in the My Mailbox Beta app.
    1. As a participant of the Beta, you will receive notifications for mail sent to your household. This is also true in multi-person households, whether or not you are the recipient of the mail piece. If you live in a multi-person household, you are responsible for ensuring all members of your household are aware of your use of this service. As part of the registration process, Canada Post will send a notice in the mail advising all household members that their address has been registered with the Beta. If any member of the household wishes to opt-out of the program, the service will be de-activated for the entire household.
    1. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your Canada Post profile information settings prior to the start of the Beta. If your address changes once the Beta has commenced, you must update your address information in the My Mailbox settings or on the web and correctly answer questions to verify your identity. At this point, your eligibility will be reassessed to ensure your new address is eligible for the Beta.

    If you do move to a new address during the Beta, and you sign up for Mail redirection, no redirected mail will be captured in the Beta.

    1. Your My Mailbox profile information, including but not limited to your full name, address, phone number, and email address, shall only be used for the purpose of matching and auto-populating Canada Post mail updates for your My Mailbox beta app and providing push and or email notifications (if you opt in to these options), as well as for inviting you to participate in My Mailbox related research. Your use of the app may be included as part of an aggregate data set which may be shared with third-party companies, but this will be solely for the purpose of understanding how users interact with the Beta, including usage rates and clicks. Your personal information will not be shared. Learn more about the Canada Post privacy policy.
    1. Not all mail types will be identified in the Beta, for example, oversized mail, packages, handwritten envelopes and some promotional mail which cannot be scanned and identified by Canada Post’s automated sorting equipment. Mail and packages that cannot be scanned will not be communicated in the app and email alerts.

    Mail pieces that may be identified through My Mailbox include letters (e.g. bills, account updates, and general correspondence from businesses and organizations) and promotional mail. My Mailbox will not capture information on parcels or packets at this time. This is a Beta release of My Mailbox and therefore cannot guarantee that all eligible mail will be captured. If you have any questions regarding the My Mailbox application, mail eligibility or the accuracy of the data, contact the My Mailbox Beta team through the settings in the application and selecting the Feedback option.

    1. You may receive promotional offers through the Beta. These may include advertisements for discounts and or limited time offers for products and services. These may be tied to promotional offers you’ll receive through your physical mail, or they may be stand-alone offers.
    1. Without limiting any other limitations of liability that apply to delivery of mail by Canada Post, none of Canada Post, its shareholders, affiliates, or any of the foregoing parties’ respective directors, officers, employees or contractors will have any liability whatsoever for any loss or damages arising in connection with your use or attempted use of the My Mailbox Beta.

    This limitation of liability applies (a) no matter what kind of loss or damage you experience, including, without limitation, lost business profits, property damage, personal injury or any other loss or damage; (b) whether the action is in contract, tort or otherwise; (c) even if Canada Post is expressly advised of the possibility of loss or damage; and (d) not matter what caused the loss or damages, including without limitation Canada Post’s negligence or gross negligence.

    1. You will indemnify Canada Post, its shareholders, affiliates, or any of the foregoing parties’ respective directors, officers, employees or contractors against all claims, damages, losses, fines, expenses (including all legal fees and costs) and/or any other type of liability (collectively, “Claims”) that arise from any damage, obstruction, interference, loss or theft of any property or information of Canada Post or any other party that you cause through your use of the My Mailbox Beta, or that is caused by someone who has obtained from you information we have sent you in the delivery notification or any other communication.
    1. Canada Post may in its sole discretion (a) modify, suspend or cancel the My Mailbox Beta service or any part of it without notice; and or (b) amend these Terms and Conditions upon thirty days’ notice.
    1. These My Mailbox Beta Terms and Conditions and your use of the My Mailbox Beta are also subject to Canada Post’s online Terms of Use.
    1. For more information on this service, visit the My Mailbox FAQ.