Delivery Preference Terms and Conditions

    You have selected Canada Post’s Delivery preference option for the Package you are tracking. These Terms and Conditions govern your selection and use of the Delivery preference option with respect to that Package. Please read them carefully.

    1. You represent and warrant that you have the authority to use the Delivery preference option to provide delivery instructions for the Package, and you authorize Canada Post to deliver the Package according to the preference you have selected.

    2. Not all Packages are eligible for the Delivery preference option. For example, Packages requiring the recipient to sign for delivery, or Packages for which the sender has otherwise specified particular delivery instructions are not eligible.

    3. Regardless of any delivery preference you select, we will first make one attempt to deliver the Package using our normal delivery procedures.  If we determine that delivery through our normal procedures is not reasonably possible, then we may attempt to deliver the Package using the delivery preference you have selected.  Please see section 2.4 of our Parcel Services Customer Guide for more information about Canada Post’s normal delivery procedures.

    4. Without limiting section 3 above, our normal delivery procedures include safe dropping if we determine that to be appropriate. You may click here for more information about safe dropping.

    5. Use of any particular delivery method will be as determined by Canada Post in its sole discretion. Without limiting anything set out above, we may decline to deliver the Package in accordance with your delivery preference if, for example, we determine that it would not be appropriate to do so because of security, weather or access concerns.

    6. You are solely responsible for the risks of delivery according to your delivery preference.  Without limiting any other limitations of liability that apply to delivery of Packages by Canada Post, none of Canada Post, its shareholders, affiliates, or any of the foregoing parties’ respective directors, officers, employees or contractors will have any liability whatsoever for any loss or damages arising in connection with (a) your use or attempted use of the Delivery preference option; or (b) Canada Post’s delivery or attempted delivery of the Package (or failure to deliver the Package) in accordance with your delivery preference.

      This limitation of liability applies (a) no matter what kind of loss or damage you experience, including, without limitation, lost business profits, property damage, personal injury or any other loss or damage; (b) whether the action is in contract, tort or otherwise; (c) even if Canada Post is expressly advised of the possibility of loss or damage; and (d) not matter what caused the loss or damages, including without limitation Canada Post’s negligence or gross negligence.

    7. You will indemnify Canada Post, its shareholders, affiliates, or any of the foregoing parties’ respective directors, officers, employees or contractors against all claims, damages, losses, fines, expenses (including all legal fees and costs) and/or any other type of liability (collectively, “Claims”) that arise from Canada Post carrying out or attempting to carry out your delivery preference instead of its normal delivery procedures.

    8. Canada Post may in its sole discretion and without notice (a) modify, suspend or cancel the Delivery preference option; and/or (b) amend these Terms and Conditions.

    9. These Delivery preference Terms and Conditions and your use of the Delivery preference option are also subject to Canada Post’s online Terms of Use.