Consumer Postal Box Terms and Conditions

    Postal Boxes - Terms and Conditions

    Postal Boxes, often known as Post office Boxes or PO Boxes, are locked compartments within a post office for receiving mail and deliveries. Below is the description of services and Terms and Conditions for Postal Boxes available from Canada Post.

    Types of boxes

    Convenience Postal Box

    Available for a fee and is a convenient, secure means for customers to receive mail. Choose the appropriate size for the volume/amount of mail typically received.

    Prime Mode Postal Box

    Provided at no charge when the mode of mail delivery for the applicable civic or physical address has been designated by Canada Post as a Prime Mode Postal Box.

    General Delivery

    Please ask your post office representative or visit for information.

    Note: Canada Post reserves the right to terminate or re-assign Postal Boxes at any time.

    Convenience Postal Box Rental Periods, Rate and Payment

    Rental periods

    Canada Post offers convenient rental periods of 3, 6 and 12 months for Convenience Postal Boxes.

    Rental rates and payment

    Payment for Convenience Postal Boxes must be paid in advance for the selected rental period. For information on current Convenience Postal Box rental rates, please ask your post office representative or visit our pricing guide.

    Postal Box Keys

    At the time of rental/activation, Postal Box Customers are provided two keys to access their Postal Box and, if applicable, a security key. The keys are not to be copied. All keys remain the property of Canada Post and must be returned on request.

    When renting a Convenience Postal Box, a key deposit is required and is refunded upon termination of the Convenience Postal Box and the return of all keys. A key deposit applies to replace lost or damaged keys.


    Two pieces of acceptable identification are required, to rent or activate a Postal Box. Acceptable identification for the rental/activation of a Postal Box are Birth Certificate; Driver’s License; Provincial Health Card (where permitted) and Passport.

    In addition, business applicants must provide applicable proof regarding the organization (e.g. proof of Incorporation, Business/Partnership Registration) and proof of authority to act on behalf of such organization.

    Use of Postal Box

    The Postal Box is to be used only to receive mail items sent through Canada Post approved services. It may not be used as a storage or security compartment. The use of the Postal Box is not transferable.

    Redirection of mail from Postal Boxes

    In order for mail to be redirected, a Change of Address Service (Redirection) must be in effect. For information on Change of Address service, please ask your Post office representative or visit us.

    Note: Canada Post reserves the right to require customers to use Postal Box – Clearing and Forwarding service instead of Change of Address Service (Redirection) services.

    Renewal and Termination

    You may terminate your Convenience Postal Box rental at any time. Customers are typically provided written renewal reminders. For information on how to terminate and our refund policy, please ask your Post office representative or visit

    If a Postal Box is terminated because the Postal Box was used inappropriately, including, without limitation, for an unlawful purpose or in a manner contrary to the Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations, you will not receive a refund.

    No Liability

    Canada Post and its agents (including, but not limited to authorized dealers) shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, general, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected to this Agreement regardless of whether such damages are based on contract or tort.

    For more information on Postal Boxes please visit:

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