Frequently asked questions about the Awards for Indigenous Students

    What are the Awards for Indigenous Students?

    The Canada Post Awards for Indigenous Students were created in 2004 to celebrate the hard work and determination of individuals of Indigenous heritage who’ve embraced a renewed pursuit of learning. The awards are granted annually to select applicants from across the country, and recipients are awarded $2,000 in recognition of their efforts.

    When are the Canada Post Awards for Indigenous Students granted?

    Application forms are available from May 1st each year, and the deadline to send a completed application package is August 31st. Winners are determined and contacted in late December. Winner’s names are announced on our website in January.

    Who can apply for these awards?

    You’re eligible to apply for the Canada Post Awards for Indigenous Students if:

    1. You are a member of a First Nation, Métis, or Inuit community living in Canada
    2. You have been out of school for 1 year or more
    3. You returned to school and have recently completed one year of studies (between January of last year and August of this year)
    4. You have never received this award in the past (previous award recipients are not eligible)
    I was out of school for 10 months. Would I be able to enter the Awards for Indigenous Students?

    No. You must have been out of school for 1 or more years to be eligible.

    I’ve been out of school for a while, and I’m returning this fall. Can I apply?

    No. You must have recently completed 1 year of studies (between January of last year and August of this year).

    I was out of school, but I’ve been back for a few years now. Can I still enter?

    Yes, provided you were out of school for a full year in the past, and you can show that is the case.

    I returned to school recently, but I’m only going part-time. Can I still apply for these awards?

    Yes, provided you were out of school for a full year at one point, and you’ve been at school for 1 year or more now.

    Do studies towards a trade certificate count?

    Yes. If you’ve returned to school to get a trade certificate, for example as a welding ticket or license to drive a truck or a certificate as a hair stylist then you are eligible to apply for these awards.

    How do I apply?

    Write an essay which details your efforts to get an education. Your essay should be typed, double-spaced on letter-sized stationery, and no more than 5 pages long.

    Complete an application form and submit it by August 31. Be sure to include: your essay, school transcripts or a school letter confirming you’ve completed 1 year of recent studies (photocopy is acceptable), and a clear photocopy of your membership card or an official letter from a community member confirming that you are an Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

    What should the essay include?

    The essay should include:

    • Information about the challenges you faced in school prior to leaving
    • Reasons why you left school
    • How being out of school has affected your life
    • Why you decided to return to school
    • A network of assistance or support you might have set up for yourself
    • Any hardships or difficulties you experienced to stay in school after returning
    • How your life has changed since you returned
    • What the next steps in your education will be and how you plan to accomplish those steps
    Do I have to have a certain grade-point average?

    No. Selection is based on personal circumstances and the steps you've taken to further your education.

    Will I be judged on my writing skills?

    No. Writing skills are not a factor in the selection of the winners.

    How are winners selected?

    Winners are selected based on the essay they submit. A jury, comprised of Canada Post representatives and a member of the Indigenous Peoples community, will read and evaluate all submissions and select the winners.

    How are successful applicants being notified?

    Canada Post will advise recipients by email or a letter.

    What if I did not receive an award? Can I re-apply?

    Yes. The program is set up so that a person can submit applications more than once, but they can only be chosen to receive the award once.

    What are the Awards for Indigenous Students rules?

    The selection jury will read all submissions that meet the requirements outlined in the award description. The decisions of the selection jury are final.

    Canada Post reserves the right to use photographs or other such material in the award presentation for communication purposes.

    Successful applicants agree to accept the award as presented and must sign a waiver and consent form.

    All submissions, including support materials, become the property of the Awards for Indigenous Students Committee and will not be returned.

    The Canada Post Awards for Indigenous Students Committee may publish or publicize information from any submission without compensation to the applicant.

    By signing the Applicant Submission form, the applicant agrees to the Awards rules.

    I mailed my completed application on August 31st, so it will only be received by the Awards committee in September. Is this ok?

    Yes, as long as your application package is post-marked on or before August 31st, your entry will be valid.

    Does Revenue Canada class these awards as income?

    Yes. Canada Post will issue a T4 to the recipients.