Why did I receive mail labelled Return to Sender that I did not send?

    Someone may have used your address to label a fraudulent mailing.

    Fraudsters sometimes use the Canadian postal system to send Mass Marketing Fraud (MMF) mail throughout North America. If you’ve received a Return to Sender letter that you did not send, it may be because the fraudsters used your address and company name to make their envelopes look more legitimate.

    If the mailing address is incomplete or the person is unknown at the address, the envelope is returned to the address listed as the sender. The majority of MMF mail is sent to U.S. consumers and is sometimes intercepted at U.S. Customs. In these cases, the United States Postal Inspection Service forwards the letter to the return address, labelled “Determination Non-Mailability”.

    The fraudsters have no interest in the Return to Sender envelopes, as they didn’t reach their potential victims. Canada Post’s Security and Investigation Services team works closely with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, United States Postal Inspection Services and the Competition Bureau in support of their MMF investigations.