What is identity theft?

    Identity theft is when someone steals your name and personal information to access your finances, buy goods and incur debts in your name, or commit other crimes. Given the opportunity, identity thieves will get personal information by stealing mail or searching through the garbage for discarded mail.

    You can help protect your mail from identity fraud by following these tips.

    Keep the mail you receive safe

    1. Collect your mail daily.
    2. If you’ll be away, use the Hold Mail service to suspend delivery until you return.
    3. When you move:
    4. If your mail fails to arrive, contact senders to ensure they have your correct mailing address. Report any concerns to Canada Post Customer Service.
    5. Shred documents that contain personal financial information, such as statements and credit card offers.

    Keep the mail you send safe

    1. Never send cash in the mail. Use postal money orders, available at all post offices.
    2. Deposit your mail close to the scheduled pickup time posted on the mailbox.
    3. Deposit mail items containing sensitive or financial information at your local post office, as well as large quantities of mail.
    4. If you see an overturned or vandalized street mailbox, please contact us.
    5. If you see suspicious activity at your mailbox, report immediately to your local police.

    Think you might be a victim of identity theft? Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

    If you suspect that mail has been stolen from your mailbox — notify the police and report it to our customer service department.