Solutions for Small Business members get pickup and other online service privileges

    For customers transitioning from a large-volume contract to a Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM account.

    Do I need to create a new online profile as a Solutions for Small Business customer?

    No. You can continue to use your current username and password to access your online profile (My Profile).

    How do I create an online profile?

    Use your existing customer number. You can update your business profile, access your Savings Levels and request additional or replacement Solutions for Small Business customer cards.

    1. Visit and enter your information. Create a new username and password. Once you’ve completed all the fields, select Continue
    2. Enter your customer number and postal code to link your account
    3. Submit your information
    Why do I need to include a credit card on my online profile?

    A credit card is required on file so you can use Scheduled Pickup or other online services like creating a Returns Policy.