2D data matrix Barcodes for Postal Code Targeting

    What is in the 2D data matrix barcode?

    The 2D data matrix barcode is a unique 34-character string that contains the address information used in delivery. It is a two-dimensional matrix barcode which encodes text or raw data in a pattern of black and white square modules. Our readability requirements ensure that Canada Post’s automated equipment can find and read the 2D data matrix barcode on each of your mail items. These requirements include the location and printing of the 2D data matrix barcode, indicia and quiet zones.

    Why is a 2D data matrix barcode required on a Postal Code Targeting mail items?

    The barcode allows the mail item to be processed and sorted in the automated machineable mail processing stream and to be delivered to its intended address.

    How do I create a 2D data matrix barcode?

    Your mail service provider will create your 2D data matrix barcode using barcode creation software. If you don’t already work with a mail service provider, we can connect you with a Smartmail Marketing™ partner who is familiar with Postal Code Targeting requirements.

    What are the Postal Code Targeting 2D data matrix barcode grade requirements?

    A barcode grade relates to the print quality and readability of the barcode. The higher the grade, the more likely the barcode can be successfully scanned and sorted by our machines. The barcode contains the address information that will be sprayed on the Postal Code Targeting mail item only after it has been deposited. If the barcode is not readable, the item cannot be processed. Canada Post accepts an A- or B-grade barcode.

    Can I provide my own customer postal codes to create my mailing’s data file?

    Yes, you can use your existing customers’ postal codes to help identify the prospect postal codes you should be targeting. We recommend these two ways to target prospects:

    • Select the postal codes of your best customers and then target that entire postal code with your mailing while suppressing your current customers’ addresses so that only acquisition prospects receive your mailing.
    • Profile your existing customers based on their postal code data to help find new postal codes filled with the prospects most likely to engage with your brand.
    Does a 2D data matrix barcode contain a unique address?

    Yes. The point-of-call information is contained within the 2D data matrix barcode applied to each mail item. The mail item is processed and delivered with the addressed mail. Canada Post provides the barcode data files to the mail service provider for the creation of the 2D data matrix barcode but does not share the actual address.

    Is Return to Sender service available for Postal Code Targeting?

    No. Return to Sender is not available with Postal Code Targeting.

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