Frequently asked questions on Package Redirection

    How can I access the Package Redirection service?

    As a commercial customer, you can access Package Redirection online from your Canada Post account Dashboard.

    If you’re a commercial customer without an online Canada Post account Create a free account. You must use your company’s Canada Post customer number, your contract number and the postal code linked to your customer account. Get to Package Redirection from your Dashboard once you’re logged in.

    What parcels are eligible for Package Redirection?

    Tracked parcels destined to Canadian addresses, and processed through the Canada Post domestic network, are eligible. Canada Post tracked parcels destined for the United States or other international countries which are still in Canada are also eligible, although the redirected address must be a Canadian address.

    Ineligible packages include, but are not limited to:

    • Items confirmed as out for delivery or delivered
    • Items where the redirected address is outside of Canada
    • Items that are not or are no longer in the Canada Post domestic mail stream
    • Return to sender items
    What happens when a package requiring Proof of Age gets redirected?

    The minimum age originally selected by the sender will be maintained upon redirection.   

    Can I cancel a Package Redirection request?

    Requests can be cancelled before the item is found and redirected.

    Is there a delivery performance guarantee for Package Redirection items?

    The delivery performance guarantee is voided when a package is successfully intercepted, re-labelled with the new destination address and re-inducted into our delivery network,

    How much does Package Redirection cost?

    A $13 fee applies for each package that is successfully redirected. Shipping costs to the new redirection address also apply. When submitting a redirection request, your Canada Post account or credit card is pre-authorized for payment. Payment is only be processed if, and when, we are successful in redirecting your package.

    How can I track the progress of my redirected packages?

    Redirected packages can be tracked online or tracked through Intelligence 360TM for registered customers. You may also receive email status notifications.

    Can I call customer service to ask them to redirect my package(s)?

    Package Redirection requests can only be submitted by commercial customers using the online Package Redirection tool. Customer service agents are not able to redirect a package on your companies’ behalf. Access the self-service tool from your Dashboard.