Customized Postal Indicia

    Get your mail noticed, opened and read

    You already use postal indicia for your business mail. Now you can add marketing value with our free Customized Postal Indicia service.

    Customized Postal Indicia

    Create your own eye-catching indicia at no extra cost and draw attention to your company’s brand, products, services, tag lines or marketing.

    • No minimum volume requirements.
    • Print in colour, on colour backgrounds and with varnish and embossing.
    • Print on labels or directly on envelopes.

    Customize in 3 easy steps

    1. Download the template
      • Customized Postal Indicia – Canada Post Personalized Mail™ and Dimensional Personalized Mail™
      • Customized Postal Indicia – Postal Code Targeting
      • Customized Postal Indicia – Lettermail
      • Customized Postal Indicia – Publications Mail

      You’ll be able to choose from:

      Download the template now

    1. Design your indicia

      Design your indicia within the template (The Postal Indicia Requirements must be met when using an indicia).

    1. Print your indicia

      Print indicia directly onto your mail or labels and deposit it at an authorized Canada Post location.

    About mailing

    Although it may look like one, a Customized Postal Indicia is not a stamp.

    Just like with regular indicia items, you’ll need to create a Statement of Mailing and bring your mailing to an authorized Canada Post location.