Getting started with Business Reply Mail

    Business Reply Mail™ services are available for your customers within Canada, the U.S. and more than 180 countries worldwide. You only pay postage when customers respond.

    Get started using Business Reply Mail by:

    • Setting up your account
    • Creating your artwork
    • Testing your artwork before printing

    Set up a Business Reply Mail (BRM) account

    • Contact your Canada Post representative or call 1-866-757-5480 to set up your BRM account.
    • You’ll receive a customer number to appear in the postage section of your BRM envelope, card or label.
    • Set up as many return addresses as you wish. Note that there is a non-refundable annual fee for each unique return address.

    Create your BRM artwork online

    Our fast, free and secure online tools will help you create and send your BRM artwork electronically. Use it to personalize your BRM artwork with your company or campaign name and create a return item that helps you qualify for the best price.

    Watch the BRM artwork video tutorial

    Use our customer guide to confirm that your mail piece’s size, weight, and machine-processing specifications meet the postage option you’ve chosen to avoid price adjustments and surcharges.

    Test before you print

    Once you’ve imported your BRM artwork into the final layout of your return mail piece — and before you print large numbers — find out if your BRM items qualify for the best price by:

    1. Confirming that your artwork is correctly positioned on your return mail. Send an electronic file of your BRM card, envelope or label to
    2. Testing 5 samples of your physical BRM items to ensure that our machines can read your mail. Your printer should be willing to provide a small test run. Send them to:

      2701 RIVERSIDE DR, SUITE N0625
      OTTAWA ON K1A  0B1

    Need a hand?

    Whether you need help with a specific task (from design to mail preparation) or the whole process, find a Canada Post partner to help.