Registered Mail™ is a service we offer to those who need proof of mailing and/or proof of delivery. The service secures the signature of the addressee or the addressee’s representative and provides the sender with:

  • A mailing receipt with the date of purchase
  • A copy of the signature of the person who accepted the delivery
  • Tracking and the date when we deliver the item

Registered Mail may include:

  • Lettermail™
  • Documents
  • Coins 1
  • Jewellery 1
  • Manufactured and non-manufactured precious metals 1
  • Precious stones 1
  • Cancelled or uncancelled postage stamps 1
  • Banknotes 1
  • Stocks 1
  • Bonds 1
  • Coupons or other securities negotiable by the bearer 1
  • Lottery tickets 1
  • Traveller’s cheques 1
  • Literature for the Blind

Customers with a standing offer agreement

We offer a Prepaid Registered Mail (PRM) envelope that includes all the features and options of a Registered Mail item, except for the Additional Liability Coverage option.

1  No indemnity payable.