What can I do if my mail arrived damaged?

    We’re committed to handling your mail with care. Sometimes, though, mail may get damaged during processing. When we notice a damaged letter, we seal it in a plastic sleeve and deliver it with a letter reporting the damage. Here’s what to do if your mail is damaged when it arrives.

    Report the damage for letters and magazines

    Regular letters, magazines or catalogues are not eligible for damage compensation because they are not insured. We encourage you to report the damage by filling out the form below. We use the information to help improve our service.

    File a claim for letters and parcels with tracking numbers

    If your damaged letter was sent through a service that includes tracking, contact the sender. They can file a claim.

    Not sure if your letter was sent through a trackable service with insurance? See what a tracking number looks like

    Please note that our employees are not authorized to open or read your mail (except staff at our Undeliverable Mail Offices). Customs, however, can inspect mail entering Canada from other countries. If customs inspected your letter, an "inspected" stamp will appear on the envelope

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