An option is a service enhancement which isn’t included automatically as part of the basic service. You must select these options by checking a box or affixing an extra label or sticker. Most options are available for an added fee.

Advice of Receipt

Registered Mail™ – U.S.

We deliver Registered Mail – U.S. through Xpresspost™ – USA service. The Advice of Receipt card isn’t needed as signature is automatically included in the service at no extra charge. Signature ensures that a personal hand-off of the item occurs at delivery and provides proof of this activity. The name of the person signing is recorded as well as the signature. You can get the signatory name by calling customer service (exceptions may apply in some areas).

Registered Mail™ – International

If you’re a Registered Mail – International customer, you have the option to buy an Advice of Receipt card at time of mailing. The Advice of Receipt card provides proof of delivery to the destination.

Literature for the Blind

You may send materials for the use of the blind in Canada for delivery to the U.S. or any other country free of charge.

Some restrictions or conditions may apply. See Literature for the Blind for more information.