ID requirements

You always need to show personal identification to rent or activate a postal box.

Mandatory ID

We require 2 pieces of acceptable identification (ID) to rent or activate a Postal Box.

Examples of acceptable ID:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Employer identity card with name and photo
  • Provincial health card (where permitted)
  • Passport

Also, business applicants must provide applicable proof regarding the organization.


  • Proof of Incorporation
  • Business/partnership registration
  • Proof of authority to act on behalf of such organization

The Privacy Act governs use of customer information gathered by us.

Please note:

You must provide current, valid, original ID at the time of rental or activation and also at the time of renewal. When picking up mail or acting on behalf of another person – including a corporation or other organization – you must prove your authority to act on behalf of the person.  See our Policies page.