Proofs of residency documents

Proof of residency documents must:

  • Be original (paper or electronic version)
  • Include the name and applicable address of the person

Acceptable proof of residency documents:

  • Delivery Notice Card completed by one of our delivery employees indicating the name and address (accepted for call for items only)
  • Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions or Québec Pension Plan Statement of Participation
  • Major credit card statement with the related valid credit card
  • Your most recent income tax assessment
  • Bank statement
  • Government cheque or cheque stub with the person’s name and address
  • School, college, or university report card or transcript
  • Hotel confirmation (email, receipt, or invoice)
  • Statement of Employment Insurance benefits paid (T4E)
  • Residential lease (rental agreement lease), mortgage statement, or Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit statement
  • Insurance policy
  • Statement of Old Age Security (T4A) or of Canada Pension Plan Benefits (T4AP)
  • Vehicle ownership or insurance document
  • Statement of benefits from provincial Workplace Safety or Insurance Board
  • Municipal tax notice
  • Statement of direct deposit for Provincial Works or Provincial Disability Support Program
  • Recent utility bill (telephone, cable, hydro/power, gas, or water)
  • Attestation of residence issued by the responsible authorities (shelters, soup kitchens, student or senior residence, long-term care facilities, Indigenous reserves, work camps)
  • Private Post Office Box Rental Agreement (for example, a UPS Agreement)

If you can’t provide any of the required photo identification, you can provide two documents from the accepted proof of residency list above AND one of the following government-issued non-photo identification items:

  • Birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Health card without a photo (where permitted)
  • Veterans Affairs Canada health card
  • Any other acceptable identification that’s listed in our policies