Markings policy

Customers may use the “Delivered by” logo on items delivered by Canada Post with the prior written consent of the Director, Marketing and Brand or their designate. You can contact the Director, Marketing and Brand through email ( Visit our logo page for available artwork.

If you have a Standing Offer Agreement, you may use our postal indicia on items delivered by us without authorization beforehand. See our Postal indicia tool for requirements, artwork, and specifications.

Any unauthorized use of the logo is an offence under the Canada Post Corporation Act, as well as being an infringement of Canada Post's trademarks and official marks.

We'll consider an item non-mailable if the outside of the item is marked or labelled with any of the following, wthout Canada Post’s authorization:

  • Any marking that could be confused with Canada Post’s designators, services, or indicia. This includes:
    • Any design likely to be mistaken for a postage stamp, meter impression, service label or any other mark suggesting that postage has been paid.
    • Any label or endorsement implying that we'll give the item special handling, deliver it faster (for example, Priority Mail or Express Mail), or provide you with any service that you haven't bought. You may include labels directed to the addressee as an instruction that’s clearly related only to the enclosure and wouldn’t otherwise result in the item being non-mailable matter. Examples of acceptable wording include “URGENT”, “RUSH”, or “IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION ENCLOSED”
  • Any copy of any label, endorsement or marking used by Canada Post that might cause confusion so as to affect its handling. For example, confusion as to the service the customer has paid for.

It’s your obligation to get approval from Canada Post for any proposed endorsement or other markings before printing.