Return to Sender

We’ll treat a parcel as a Return to Sender item when one or more of the following conditions exist and no one has opened the parcel:

  • The item is refused or endorsed as moved or unknown (occupant)
  • The item is unclaimed by the receiver
  • The delivery address is incomplete or doesn’t exist
  • The item is an originating outgoing item and doesn’t bear a parcel return service label
  • You use a manual Collect on Delivery (COD) shipping label (33-086-397 or 33-086-414)

We try to deliver all parcels. But, if we can’t complete delivery, we’ll return a parcel to the originating address on the shipping label. If the item remains unaltered, the Return to Sender shipping fee excludes the fees for features and options. All associated Return to Sender shipping fees are your (the shipper’s) responsibility. The fees are based on the greater of the actual weight or volumetric equivalent of actual weight.

All On-Time Delivery Guarantees are voided on Return to Sender items. We treat Return to Sender items refused by you (the shipper) as undeliverable and dispose of them or recycle them at your expense, as per our policy on undeliverable items.

Please note:

We include liability coverage against loss or damages of up to $100 for:

  • Priority™
  • Xpresspost™
  • Expedited Parcel™

Additional Liability Coverage isn’t available.