Packaging requirements

All items must conform to our packaging requirements and must not contain dangerous or prohibited materials. Items may be subject to delay or we may refuse the item and return it at your expense if it’s improperly packaged, improperly labelled, or lacks proper documentation.

If you deposit unpackaged items not of a size or shape suitable for wrapping (such as pails or tires) you must pay an Unpackaged Items Surcharge.

Please note:

  • We never combine the Oversize Surcharge and Unpackaged items Surcharge. If you pay the Unpackaged items Surcharge, then we waive the Oversize Surcharge and vice versa.
  • We’ll apply a surcharge to cylindrical mailing tubes.

Unpackaged items

We’ll apply a surcharge to all unpackaged items.

We consider an item unpackaged 1 if:

  • It’s not fully encased in an outer shipping container. For example, a corrugated cardboard box.
  • It has excessively loose packaging.
  • It’s irregularly shaped, cylindrical, or round. It doesn’t matter if you wrap the item in plastic or cellophane. For example, tires or carpets.
  • The contents of the item protrude outside the surface area or packaging. For example, mufflers or tailpipes.

1 This list isn’t exhaustive.

Please note:

  • Proper packaging is solely your responsibility.
  • The flat rate box contents must fit in the defined dimensions, allowing for the flaps to seal properly. You can’t alter the shape or size of the Flat rate box.
  • For specific packaging requirements, see ABCs of mailing.