Depositing requirements

We offer the following options for the deposit of items:

Post office

You may deposit items at a post office during advertised hours of acceptance. Visit our Support page to find the Canada Post approved postal facility.

Street letter box

If size permits, you may deposit the following items into a street letter box (excluding Priority™ items):

  • Prepaid products can be dropped off at any Canada Post facility, in any Canada Post street letter box (if no additional options are being purchased) or picked up with Canada Post’s Pickup Services
  • Items processed and paid (by credit card or supplier account) through Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or Ship Online

Please note:

It’s unacceptable to deposit Priority items in street letter boxes, parcel receptacles, or other such mail receptacles because of the rapid transit schedule for these packages. The On-Time Delivery Guarantee doesn’t apply to items you deposit in such receptacles.