Coverage options

Liability coverage

Priority™, Xpresspost™, and Expedited Parcel™ services (including Prepaid products) include up to $100 liability coverage against loss, damage or COD service failure1

You must buy the first $100 of liability coverage for Regular Parcel™. The availability and limits of liability coverage may vary according to the nature of the items you ship and the service you use. Terms and conditions apply. See the Limitation of Liability section of the General Terms and Conditions for more information.

Liability coverage isn't included for Xpresspost™ Certified.

1.  Prepaid products do not offer the COD option.

Additional Liability Coverage

If you wish to purchase additional Liability Coverage, it is available in increments of $100, up to $5,000 for most items shipped within Canada, including most Prepaid products and labels. Except for the Priority service, which offers the Signature option at no extra charge, purchase of the Signature option is mandatory when purchasing additional Liability Coverage of $200 or more. All options must be selected at the time of shipping to ensure they are properly captured and linked to the unique tracking number. Exceptions and conditions apply. Terms and conditions apply. See our General Terms and Conditions for more information.