Standard Lettermail™ envelopes and self-mailers must be fully sealed on all sides. Customers mailing envelopes or bochures, fanfolds, or newsletters not enclosed in envelopes are subject to Other Lettermail prices.

Standard Lettermail may not sag more than 22 mm in the middle when supported by two level supports located no more than 10 mm from the left and right edges.

The location of graphics or other printing on a Standard Lettermail item must not be:

  • less than 19 mm high (measured from the right edge along the bottom)
  • in the area prescribed for postage

Lettermail must be securely wrapped to prevent:

  • Loss of or damage to the item
  • Damage to postal equipment or other mail
  • Injury to people handling the item

Additional regulatory requirements apply to Standard Lettermail paid by postage meter or postal indicia. Visit the Lettermail Regulations for more information.