An option is a service enhancement which isn’t included automatically as part of the basic service. You must select these options by checking a box or affixing an extra label or sticker. Most options are available for an additional fee.

Registered Mail

Registered Mail™ secures the signature of the addressee (or representative) and provides you with a proof of mailing, a copy of the signature, and the date upon delivery of the item.

Barcoded shipping labels allow you to track Registered Mail items. Delivery information is available, usually by noon on the business day after delivery. The information is available on our website or by contacting Customer Service at 1-888-550-6333. Some exceptions apply in smaller centres.

Registered Mail offers signature copy, delivery confirmation, and coverage for loss or damage (included up to $100).

For detailed information, see Registered Mail (Canada).

Forward Under Cover

Letters forwarded under cover to a postmaster with a request for reposting must be endorsed with the following:


Items containing Lettermail prepaid by postage stamps that are sent under cover to the postmaster must bear the words:


We process these items in the usual manner. The item containing the Lettermail must have the correct postage.

Do Not Forward

Do Not Forward is an option whereby a Lettermail™ item, which can’t be delivered as addressed because the addressee has filed a Mail Forwarding request with Canada Post, will be returned to the sender. We won't forward these items to the addressee.

Customers wishing to use the Do Not Forward option must:

  • Use Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) 2.0 or EST Online to add the Do Not Forward option to an Order (Statement of Mailing).
  • Apply the Do Not Forward endorsement to the front of each mail item (placed to the left and above the destination address, or in the upper left-hand corner below the return address).

You can download the Do Not Forward endorsement from our Postal indicia tool.