Deposit locations (for commercial customers)

The Find a deposit location tool is available to help you find the right deposit location for your mailing based on postal code, mail type, or quantity.

The tool will offer you more helpful information, such as the deposit location address and deposit location cut-off times.

We consider items deposited after the deposit location cut-off times as deposited on the next business day.

Deposit location types

We’ve assessed the abilities of our deposit locations to make sure they’re properly equipped and able to handle your mail efficiently and on time. We outline the type and volume of mail we can accept at these facilities for each deposit location type.

Receipt Verification Units (RVUs)

Receipt Verification Units (RVUs) can accept all products and all volumes. Not all RVUs can accept all types of Machineable Mail.

Commercial Deposit Centres (CDCs)

Commercial Deposit Centres (CDCs) accept, verify, and process commercial mailings except for Machineable Publications Mail (we'll refer customers to the nearest RVU). We'll continue to process commercial mailings deposited at a CDC at one of our mail processing plants.  We'll refer customers exceeding the maximum volumes to the nearest RVU.

Corporate post offices

Corporate post offices accept all commercial products except Machineable Publications Mail. We'll refer customers exceeding the maximum volumes to the nearest CDC or RVU.

Where to deposit your item

All items must be deposited with an authorized representative at the deposit location chosen on the Order. Items can’t be deposited in street letter boxes or other mail receptacles.

Daily maximum volumes of mail apply for certain types of deposit locations:

Daily maximum deposits based on deposit location

Deposit location Daily maximum
Receipt Verification Unit No maximum
Commercial Deposit Centre 1
Level 1 2 monotainers or pallets 2
Level 2 3 monotainers or pallets 2
Level 3 7 monotainers or pallets 2
Corporate post office
Level 1 5 containers
Level 2 12 containers

1 Commercial Deposit Centres aren’t equipped to process mail received in monotainers or pallets that are double-stacked.


2 A monotainer can accommodate about 48 letterflatainers (LFTs) (40 letterflatainers with lids) or 24 flats tubs.