Write a letter to Santa

    For more than 40 years, Canada postal elves have been busy helping Santa sort through over one million letters per year from around the world!

    Interested in writing to Santa? Santa is busy preparing for the holidays in October, so please wait to write to Santa until after November 1, 2023. The program is open every year from November 1st to the end of January.

    The deadline to mail letters to Santa has passed.

    Sadly, there is no more time to mail letters to Santa (it’s a long way to the North Pole and back!). Many letters are still in the mail, but if you find yourself needing an emergency last-minute letter from Santa, you can download and print Santa’s emergency letters included below.

    Guidelines to mail your letter

    • Ensure your letter is addressed to Santa (address above).
    • No stamps are required to mail a letter to Santa within Canada.
    • Include your return address and drop the letter in any Canada Post mailbox or post office.
    • Please mail all letters from one family in the same envelope.

    Download a holiday template letter

    Santa loves reading all the letters that are sent to him – pictures and questions are welcome! If a child needs help getting started, templates are available for younger and older children.

    Letter templates for younger children:

    Letter templates for older children:


    Help your students write to Santa

    Encourage your students to write a letter to Santa this holiday season. Our postal elves will ensure Santa’s personalized class poster is sent to your classroom.


    Letters from around the world

    Santa loves receiving mail worldwide! If you’re outside of Canada and wish to write to Santa, here are helpful guidelines to make sure Santa receives your letter and you receive a reply in the same language!

    Get more information on our Santa letter program

    Contact us and our postal elves will get you answers to your questions regarding the program.